We need to have a talk.

It's just a moment of your time. You may see this page more than once, but you will want to read it at least once.


Are you one of those people who just love the system the way it is? Do you:


If you do, then swallow your blue pill and keep surfing.

If not, then you should take part in the "grand experiment". What it is this? It is exactly what it says, an experiment. Ultimately it may be nothing; it may be a scam, it may be just someone making a not-so-fancy attempt at begging for money, or it may be the last ditch effort of someone who thinks of you as a person and actually cares about your well being to try to make a positive change to the world before they ultimtately just give up on it.

The choice is yours to make. Take the risk of tossing money at a random unknown or make your excuse and keep going on, desperately wishing something would change.

Keep in mind that I'm not asking for children's college fund, but understand that I can not do this alone, the truth is that every dollar helps! I am not indepedently wealthy, nor would I ever be at any level of income. You may ask how that could be possible yet the concept is simple, I share what I get. The more that I get, the more that I give in return to a broader range of people. I've lived a simple life and I do not see the value in blindly hoarding money or material possessions. As for who I am, that's none of your business. There are ways to find out since I am using an associated Paypal account built upon a name that thus far presents only disappointments and broken dreams, but it's there.

Make of this what you will, those that contribute will be remembered regardless of what happens to me or this experiment and should anything further actually come of it, I will have a method of reaching out to you even if it's just by your associated email.

Make your choice.




You have my attention, but how does this actually work?

Quite frankly, it's still in the works but the basis behind it goes like this. People donate, these donations go into a fund that is then divied-up to those in need with a minimum of 50% being parted out each month with expectation that that up to 80% is actually freely available for usage. Thus only 20% of anything given will ever be set aside for personal usage (I still have bills to pay after all and not being able to afford rent, internet and my server bill is obviously a huge problem for this initiative in general.)

You must understand that this is NOT a business and there is no one getting rich off of the proceeds! This is a purely altruistic endeavor whether anyone believes this or not!

Now you're probably thinking that you know someone in need, or of very real need yourself and wonder how someone even gets on the list on how to be a recipient of such funding. The answer is simple and will get more robust as time rolls on. Simply email me through my contact link and tell me about the party in question, their problems, contact information and a feasible manner of paying them (preferrably Paypal, but this is not entirely necessary). Even if help is not available at this point in time, they will be put on a list to recieve it as soon as it becomes available! This process will be streamlined considerably as time goes on.

One last thing I need to stress is that none of this happens without YOU. This is your chance to both make a difference and be a part of the difference that is made! We are spiritual beings sharing a vulnerable, human experience. I'm willing to do my part to make things a better place for everyone, are you?


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